TURKTEC – Global Environmental Consulting and Engineering

TURKTEC is a leading engineering and international environmental consultancy with an unrivalled reputation for providing expert, tailored services.

Never stop


With network across Europe, North America, APAC and Africa, Turktec is one of a very small number of truly international specialists providing advice and support on a wide range of strategic and site-specific issues, to a diverse and growing base of business, regulatory and governmental clients.

We are currently the official one of procurement agents international project clients ensuring a sustainable supplies chain for their deliverables and efficient, cost effective and value adding projects management system.

Our experienced, qualified and dedicated team of staff in the fields of Projects Management, Supplies chain management, stores and materials handling, International open and restricted bidding processes e.t.c, ensures quality and timely services to our clients, working within the iron triangle of cost quality and time to deliver to our clients expectations.

TURKTEC specializes

in the renewable and low carbon energy, waste management, oil and gas, mining and minerals, planning and development, infrastructure and industrial sectors, delivering expert sustainability advice and project management support across these sectors.

Turktec provides all services for the creation of successful procurement projects. Starting at the analysis of a client's specific needs, we find appropriate technical and conceptual solutions

Turktec is currently involved with all types of infrastructure through its many operating groups; Power energy solutions, Construction management, Civil and Building engineering.

With all the latest technology that we have, our expert team is changing the way we think about construction; be it plants, building, road, bridges and others. 

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We are committed to supporting our clients’ objectives of ensuring that their services reach the best possible quality and safety levels in all markets in which they operate. Everyday, we help clients safeguard the environment, conserve energy, protect lives, and strengthen the economies and social structures of communities in which Turktec employees work and live. At Turktec, leadership in sustainability is more than just a responsibility; it is a privilege.