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Nature from the best Engineering

Turktec has evolved into one of the leading general engineering companies in Germany as well as the rest of World through strategic expansion.

We can provide interdisciplinary and complete plant planning or EPCM services for major projects in the energy and waste management sectors with our own personnel and under one roof.

The term "general engineering" stands for interdisciplinary and complete plant planning of large-scale projects with engineers in the specialist disciplines listed under "Company Structure".

EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) comprises the enhanced tasks of general engineering, including detailed engineering and support in the coordination of erection/assembly and initial operation.

Turktec can take over complete facility planning for the owner or work in collaboration with the construction contractor of the facility.

Depending on investment volume and technical requirements, most owners prefer execution in sections or turn-key delivery by the general contractor for their projects.

Our primary customer groups are those who are in the business of processing, refining, handling, manufacturing or treating petrochemicals, gases, water, waste, bulk materials, minerals, food products or manufactured products for use in other processes or for sale to others.

Are you looking to either expand your business, increase production, reduce bottlenecks, manufacture new products, improve efficiency, upgrade to new technologies, refurbish or repair? Our offering ranges from machine engineering and finite element analysis to fully integrated, multi-discipline industrial plant design.

•Mechanical plant specification and detailed design

•Plant operation and control system design

•Pressure vessel and piping design, specification and stress analysis

•Fluid pumping, handling and storage equipment design and specification

•Computational fluid dynamic modelling

•Power drive and transmission specification and selection

We utilize the latest 3D modelling software for each phase of project design development, from conceptual to definitive design, right through to the production of documentation for construction. We’ll customise our delivery to suit your project development strategy - we are accustomed to roles in a wide range of contractual relationships including: due diligence, design consultancy, independent inspection, EPCM, EPC, D&C, owner’s engineer, and strategic alliances.

Innovation meets Tradition, 

We design only projects which are useful for to people and environment.

The world is ....

Innovation meets tradition, Turktec has evolved into one of the leading general engineering company in Germany, and can develop interdisciplinary overall plant design as well as detailed engineering for larger or smaller projects in the power, waste-to-energy and industrial sectors with our own personnel and from a single source. Turktec can assume engineering services in all project phases on behalf of the owner or on the part of plant suppliers, as well as offer consulting services.

is a global provider of engineering and environmental consultancy services to businesses within a broad range of manufacturing and commercial sectors, including:

•Waste to Energy



•Chemicals / Refining




Turktec provides industrial sector clients with globally integrated expertise across a broad range of technical services that combine to address your most critical environmental issues within the framework summarized below:

• Asset Acquisition and Realization

• Environmental Due Diligence

• Infrastructure Design and Engineering

• Planning and Regulatory Approval

• Operational Management

• Chemical Spill Prevention and Response Planning

• Energy and Water Resource Design and Construction Management

• Human Health Risk Assessment and Toxicology

• Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

• Site Restoration and Redevelopment

• Waste and Wastewater Strategy, Design and Construction Management

• Asset Divestiture

• Exit Due Diligence

• Decommissioning Plans and Closure