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Our commitments to our Clients and Stakeholders.

Because each individual stakeholder is different, at Turktec we work in partnership with our customers, employees, and owners to meet their requirements. With this commitment, we are not satisfied with anything less, and we continually improve our processes until these requirements are met. We can only achieve these objectives with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism and in a manner that earns the respect of each group to which we are committed.



Commitment to Customers

•Turktec endeavors to analyze, and conforms to our customer’s specific requirements by providing custom made products and services.


Our team is a completely professional and is operated and managed by strong, vibrant managers, trustworthy; who enforces the high standards of customer service and reliability of procurement services.

Our team also possesses proven specialist skills in the services that we provide. They lead the company to:

• Superior delivery of the service levels that we commit to

• Engage all our value chain partners in a respectful, personalized way as part of an integrated team

• Provide you with integrated, cost-effective procurement solutions locally, regionally and internationally

• Continually seek improved solutions to improve our clients’ competitiveness.


Our International Consulting Team:

Khalid Omar (CEO Turktec UK Ltd.)

„International Consultant, Market Afrika and Market Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC]“

Email: khalid.omar@turktec.eu

Arnold Schuster

„International Consultant, Market ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) “

Email: arnold.schuster@turktec.eu

Marjorie Peregrino Garachico

“International Consultant, Market Philippine ”



Mehmet Salih Köse

“International Consultant, Market Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] and Turkey”

Email: mehmet.kose@turktec.eu


Mehmet Aslan

“International Consultant, Market Europe and Turkey”

Email: mehmet.aslan@turktec.eu

Willie Williams

“Development Management Officer” (DMO)

Email: willie.williams@turktec.eu

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Norbert Reegen


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Ralf Kirsch


Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)

Yasin Türk



Turktec is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Germany in 2002. We employ many experts and have a strong presence in the Nordics, South America, Turkey, Continental Europe, Middle East and Saudi Arabia, supplemented by a significant representation in Asia, Australia, North America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We plan 300 offices in 35 countries, we emphasize local experience combined with a global knowledge-base. We constantly strive to achieve inspiring and exacting solutions that make a genuine difference to our customers, end-users and society as a whole. Turktec works in the markets: Water, Environment & Health, Energy, Oil & Gas, Planning & Urban Design, Buildings, Transport, Management Consulting and Waste to Energy.


Our mission is to make the world a better place for our children. This we would like to achieve in cooperation with all the nations and their respected leaders.

Furthermore, we like to lead the way for a global exchange of ideas and solutions for our environmental problems we face today.

Our Partners:

RSV Energy United

AYATEK Corperation

H2O Unlimited


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Board of Management: Nobert Reegen, Yasin Türk

Mail: info@turktec.eu